How to clean the ceiling

To clean the house there seems to be no part to be difficult to clean equal to the area of ​​the ceiling again because if not counting the roof the ceiling is the highest part. Therefore, it seems to be quite difficult. To manage in this section and as usual the ceiling should be cleaned once a week to prevent dust from sticking or prevent spiders to make webs.

How to clean that ceiling There are steps as follows.

  1. Move things

In the area that needs to be cleaned of the ceiling, go outside or find cloth or plastic to cover things first to prevent dust from spreading.

  1. Find a cloth to wrap or cover your nose.

To prevent dust from floating into the nose, then handle the rough brush. Use a rough broom, or if you don’t have one, use a regular broom. then use an aluminum ladder Climb up to flick instead. But there should be someone to help hold the legs of the stairs. for safety

  1. How to remove dirt from the ceiling

It should be rounded from the inside out.

  1. If there is a problem with rats at home

which these mice Some of them usually live in the ceiling of the house. causing damage to almost the entire house and causing quite a bit of annoyance

Therefore, you should find a way to get rid of the rats. Whether it is raising cats, using moth balls, using glue to traps mice, etc., it depends on the appropriateness. and satisfaction of the homeowner

Including trying to keep various food items completely and do not let garbage remain in the house. which will become food for mice because when rats have food will live in the house, refuse to go anywhere.

Cleaning this ceiling is a must It’s no different from the usual folk sweeping.

Because if the ceiling has a lot of spider webs will make the dust and impurities scattered in the air It’s very easy to come to the island.

Which is definitely not good for those who live in that room, especially children, the elderly and those who are sick.

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